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Spysure PC Internet Monitoring Software is an innovative software package, designed to secretly record all online and offline activity on a computer.

Spysure combines all of its monitoring features into one simple, user-friendly interface. Spysure is popular amongst parents, spouses and employers who are interested in monitoring computer activity.

Computer Monitoring Software - records both online and offline activityKeylogger - Records every keystroke entered on the computer keyboardWebsite Tracker - Records every website visitedEmail Capture - Records every email sent or receivedInstant Messenger Capture - Records every instant messenger conversation on Yahoo!

and Windows Live MessengerScreen Capture - Captures images of the user's screen - see exactly what the user sees! Internet Use blocking/restriction - Controls and restricts access to the webBandwidth monitor - Monitor how much bandwidth each user has consumedThe Internet - a few facts and figures.

50% of children said that they pretend to be doing school work online whilst actually surfing the internet, and nearly one third of children said they would be in trouble if their parents knew what they were looking at.

One in three British young people say that they have interacted with strangers online. 10% of British young people say that they have conducted sexually explicit conversations with people that they know, and 1% have conducted sexually explicit conversations with strangers.

70% of all teens have accidentally stumbled across pornographic material online. Spysure Home Version can help you create a safer online environment for your children, and can help you to protect them by discretely monitoring their internet use.

Many parents are excluded from their children's online activities - Spysure allows them to regain confidence by empowering them to know what their children are doing online.

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